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Energy Control: Ohio Boiler Rentals

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If you need Temporary Steam FAST, you've come to the right place. Energy Control's division known as Ohio Boiler Rentals has an entire fleet of boiler rental trailers at your disposal in the case of an emergency or boiler shut down.  The rental boiler trailer comes complete with the boiler, feed water system, pumps, water softener, chemical feed system and blow down separator all piped and wired in a semi-tractor trailer.

Just have the rental boiler delivered to your door, and connect power, water, and fuel.  You have Steam Where You Need It!

We Specialize in Temporary Boiler Rental Solutions

• Short Term or Long Term Boiler Rentals are available.
• For our Ohio Special Boilers no Operator is Required.
• Emergency? No problem. We offer Quick Delivery for Units in Ohio.
• Startup and Service is available in all major cities in the United States.
• We Use Exclusively Cleaver-Brooks Boilers, the Best in the Business.
• Our Capabilities include Design pressures up 250 PSIG and Field Selectable Voltages.
• Lease to Own or Used Boilers are also available for purchase.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of rental boilers are exclusively Cleaver-Brooks 200 or 225 Hp Ohio Special Steam Boilers, producing up to 7,765 lb./hr. Design pressures are 150 PSIG or 250 PSIG. The Ohio Special Boiler is designed to be operated in the State of Ohio without the requirement of a licensed boiler operator. The rental boiler trailer comes ready for connection of three phase power, fuel, steam piping, condensate return, water, and drain. Our boilers can be operated on natural gas or #2 oil.

Our Equipment

• CB Boiler
• Boiler Feed System
• Blowdown Separator
• Chemical Feed System
• Electrical Panel

• Water Softener

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