Martes, Hunyo 20, 2017

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Beautifying Gunung Kidul to Attract More Tourists

Tourism icons in Gunung Kidul District in the Special Region of Yogyakarta are being further developed to boost the number of tourist arrivals in 2017.

Hoping to attract the government of Gunung Kidul District, the government of Gunung Kidul District wants to encourage tourism development by building several parks and statues at the corner of every street.

In addition, the city of Gunung Kidul is the place to go.

At a park at the Yogyakarta-Wonosari junction in Putat Village, the Gunung Kidul Environment Office has been erected a statue of a dancing man wearing a "pentul" mask at a budget of Rp93 million.
Local Environment Office spokesman Irawan Djatmiko Removed in Gunung Kidul Eid al-Fitr Holidays this year, so the holidaymakers and tourists can enjoy its view.

The "pentul" mask, worn on the statue of a dancing man, is part of the culture and symbolizes "abdi dalem," the loyal servant, in Gunung Kidul.

Djatmiko noted as the four-meter-tall statue in the park at the Yogyakarta-Wonosari junction. Gunung Kidul from the west side.

In cooperation with the local Environment Office, the Gunung Kidul Culture and Tourism Office wants to build a park with a budget of Rp400 million.

In the meantime, Gunung Kidul Culture and Tourism Office spokesman Hary Sukmono.

Sukmono is a great place to go for the next year.

In the week during the 2016 Eid holidays, around 250,000 tourists had visited numerous tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul District, according to Sukmono.

He explained that this is the best way to get the most out of Rp1.57 billion.

However, it was not a good idea to go back to the hotel, but it was a good idea.

During the Easter holidays on April 14-16, 2017, touristattractions in Gunung Kidul were visited by 47,000 local and foreign tourists.

The total revenue generated from 47 thousand tourists visited the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul to Rp411 million, or exceeded the target of Rp400 million.

The long Easter holidays in Gunung Kidul to explore the various scenic beaches, caves, scenery, and waterfalls in the district.
Gunung Kidul has several natural tourist attractions, as well as the Ngrancah waterfall in Nengi village along with the pristine beaches of Gesing, Ngrenhan, Ngobaran, and Baron, in addition to Krakow, Sunduk, Watu Lawang, Drini, and Sepanjang.

The Gunung Kidul local government in Yogyakarta is making efforts to promote and develop the districts tourist spots under the framework of its tourism investment development mission that will focus on natural, village, cultural, and special-interest tourism.

Gunung Kidul District is blessed with several natural, marine, and cultural attractions.

Hence, the local government is making all-out efforts to develop.

Gunung Kidul is endowed with several pristine beaches, and most of them still require effective management to transform them into national and international tourist destinations and large investments. Golf courses, and restaurants.

Gunung Kidul Regional Secretary Drajat Ruswandono has stated that for the preparation of the coastal tourism master plan, all stakeholders, including the tour operators and Yogyakarta Palace officials, will be involved in the management of all coastal areas in the district.

After the development of the coastal tourism master plan is completed, a detailed technical plan will be created.

The Gunung Kidul district government is making efforts to promote and develop the districts tourist spots under the framework of its tourism investment development mission.

Gunung Kidul also has some popular tourism villages, such as Putat, Nglanggeran, Bend, Ngeposari, Beji, Bleberan, Umbulrejo, and Kemadang.

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